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Sunday School Classes

Adult Bible Class

Pastor Win Pechardo

This class is specifically for adults and married couples looking to find helpful and practical Bible lessons from our very own Pastor.

Youth Bible Class

Michal Pechardo

A class tailor fit for young people to learn practical truths that will help them in their daily life.

Junior Church

Jeriden Villegas

A class for children from K-4 to 6th grade where they will learn Bible lessons tailored specifically for their age group.

Jolly 60s

Jun Apruebo

This class aims to provide godly fellowship and helpful principles for seniors over 60.


Mysla Villegas

Sing and learn about the Bible during nursery! Available for every children under the age of 3.


Discipleship Program

Every week, dozens of Christians are learning how to effectively apply Bible truths into their everyday lives. They are becoming more stabilized in their beliefs and grounded in the faith. When you join our discipleship program, you will be placed with a trained mentor, who will help guide you in the path God has for your life.

Music Ministry

We are very blessed to have many musically-gifted singers who have a desire to use their talents for God. Our church enjoys listening to Spirit-filled songs every Sunday from groups, choir, and our church orchestra.

Care-Home Ministry

Every other Sunday of the month, our Care-Home mistry workers host a special preaching service for the seniors living in our local care home facilities. This ministry reaches out to the elderly not able to go to church on their own.

Children's Ministry

We believe that it is never too early to guide our children in the way that they should go, as stated in Proverbs 22:6. The children's ministry of Harvest Baptist Church has various programs, where they learn Bible lessons, sing songs, and memorize scripture.

Bus Ministry

A ministry designed to provide transportation to children, teens, and adults who would not otherwise be able to come to church.

Faithfulness Rally

A Saturday meeting for the visitation of the church and the saturation of Daly City and the Bay Area with the Gospel of Christ.